This is the Mythical Menagerie Wonder Crate!

This colourful box contains over $100 worth of themed merchandise for only $39.99!

This Crate contains:

Spoiler Card Art Print: This crate's theme is Mythical Menagerie, and the reverse of this card features an artwork depicting a Peryton. Said to have lived on Atlantis before the mythical land disappeared beneath the ocean, the Peryton consists of the front of a stag and the rear of a bird, but brightly coloured all over. To Make your spoiler card into an art print, trim off the branding with scissors at the cut line.


Scarf: Alebrijes are mythical creatures from Mexican Folklore, and I fell in love after seeing them as spirit companions in CoCo. This scarf is lightweight enough to add some magic to your outfit in any season. This scarf is EXCLUSIVE to the crate and will not available as an individual item.


Note Book: This A5 notebook is small enough to fit into your handbag or backpack so you can easily record or sketch field notes and observations when you're out and about and spot a magical creature in the wild. Pages are lined with a sewn binding and the cover features a variety of mythical creatures, with a quote from A.A. Milne on the back. This notebook is EXCLUSIVE to the crate and will not be available as an individual item.


Enamel Pin: The Blooming Mandrake enamel pin is one of my favourite magical creatures that pop up in many worlds and lands. I added some flowers to his branches, but he isn't happy about it. This pin is hard enamel and the orange glows in the dark.


Iron-on Patch: What Mythical Menagerie would survive without textbooks to teach them the do's and don't's of magical creature care? This patch is iron-on, though you can sew if you prefer, and there are instructions on the reverese of the product card.


Key Chain: This Neverland inspired key chain is clear acrylic and double-sided with a split-ring for your keys. One side features an innocent enough looking mermaid, with a warning on the reverse for any brave enough to take a dip in the lagoon at the turn of the moon. This key chain is EXCLUSIVE to the crate and will not be available as an individual item.


Sticker Sheet: This sticker sheet is jam packed full of creatures! There is something for everyone, with stickers of an Oliphaunt from Middle Earth, a disguised Demogorgon from Hawkins, Indiana, Dragon Eggs fit for a Queen, the Chesire Cat and Accordion Owl from Wonderland, Sweetheart the coral snake familiar from Three Dark Crowns, and a few more magical creatures from Wizarding Mythology and Childhood favourite films.



Dinosaur Dinner | Aspen: This woodmark comes with a language warning! And features a runaway with her dinosaur soulmate. Dinosaurs are welcome at the Ink & Wonder Mythtical Menagerie.

Ent | Maple: Trust Treebeard to hold your page- This woodmark features an ancient mythological creature, one of my favourites!

Witches Wyvern | Aspen: Abroxos features front and centre in this design with his iron tail spikes and shimmering wings. Quote from the ever-amazing Queen Maas.


I do try to keep my packaging as earth friendly as possible- unfortunately the two feature items in this crate are packaged in plastic. Its essential to keep them safe in transit. 


Australia and US both have express shipping options if you want your Crate to arrive as soon as possible! They're only a few dollars more than the standard tracked options 🌍 the rest of the world has standard untracked and tracked options- the tracked shipping options are twice as fast as untracked, just select which option you wanna use at checkout πŸ›’ 


Crate's are already sold at a discounted price (and this Crate is the first at the new lower price of $39.99), which means coupon codes will not be able to discount it any further.

Wonder Crate | Mythical Menagerie

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