This is the Dangerous & Deadly Wonder Crate!
This colourful box contains over $100 worth of themed merchandise for only $39.99!



SPOILER CARD ART PRINT: This Crate’s theme is Dangerous & Deadly and the reverse of this card features an artwork inspired by some of the dangers of the dark forests of Oz. To make your spoiler card into an art print, trim off the branding with scissors at the cut-line.

PIN BANNER: This pin banner is big enough to hold a decent pin collection, but can also be hung minus pins if you just love deadly blooms! The plants in this artwork are toadstools, belladonna, and Venomous Tentacula- plus some poisonous arachnids thrown in to make it extra deadly.

COIN PURSE: This mini coin purse is made of vegan leather and is a purrfect size to live in your handbag or fit in your pocket.This shadow cat art was inspired by the Nevernight series by Jay Kristoff and includes a stabby reverse side.

ENAMEL PIN: The Thirteen enamel pin is bloody enough to impress any deadly coven. It is hard enamel with glow in the dark in the blue areas.

NECKLACE: The Not Today necklace is a hard enamel pendant on a fine link, long chain. The enamel of this pendant also includes glow in the dark, just make sure to tuck it inside your shirt if you plan on fighting any Waifs in pitch darkness.

BATH SALTS: Let the smell of sweet victory and the relaxing properties of lemon grass and Persian lime soothe your tired muscles after a hard day of assassinations. If you don't have a bath, try sprinkling half the sachet into a warm bucket of water and soaking your feet, to soothe them after long days of stalking your victims. These salts were blended by the lovely Spark and Sparrow

STICKER SHEET: These stickers are some of my favourite deadly and dangerous characters! The sheet includes artworks to represent the Winchester Brothers (and Pie), Professor Umbridge, Steve Harrington, the Witch-King of Angmar, The Hound and a couple of other mini dangerous items.


Queen of the North| Aspen

Mortal Boys | Aspen

Her Curse| Aspen

Australia and US both have express shipping options if you want your Crate to arrive as soon as possible! They're only a few dollars more than the standard tracked options 🌍 the rest of the world has standard untracked and tracked options- the tracked shipping options are twice as fast as untracked, just select which option you wanna use at checkout 🛒

Crate's are already sold at a discounted price, which means coupon codes will not be able to discount it any further.


Photography by bookstagrammers @femenist_reader and @babs.books

Wonder Crate | Dangerous & Deadly

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