Is regular gift wrapping not Mandrake-y enough? Then you need this gift wrapping pack! 

The artwork on this gift wrapping set is of 3 Mandrakes- Festive Mandrake, Snowy Mandrake, and Summer Christmas Mandrake. Each pack contains:


  • 3 Glossy Gift Cards with envelopes (one of each Mandrake)
  • 9 Glossy Gift Tags with string for attaching (3 of each Mandrake)
  • 3 A2 sized sheets of recyclable wrapping paper (one of each Mandrake)


There are 2 options for how you would like your wrapping paper shipped-

  • Folded and Flat = cheaper shipping fee, but wrapping paper is folded in quarters. 
  • Rolled in Tube = more expensive shipping fee, but wrapping paper will not have any creases (Cards and Gift tags will be pakaged flat).


Shipping fees are calculated at checkout once your choice is in your cart. 


Option for extra gift tags is also available- if selected, you will receive double the gift tags (6 tags of each Mandrake).






Mandrake Gift Wrapping Set

Wrapping Paper Packaging
Extra Gift Tags?
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