This listing is for enamel pins that are of a slightly imperfect quality. 

Imperfections are very small and vary from pin to pin. For this reason, they are listed here at a high discount instead of at full price. 

Imperfections may include:

Slightly under or overfilled areas of enamel

Minor marks or scratches on the front of the pin

Polishing imperfections (areas that are not as shiny)

Small areas of discoloured metal

small overflows of the wrong coloured enamel. 


If pins have severe imperfections, I do not not list them at all. So these pins are slightly less than perfect, but not VERY bad.


Imperfect Pins are not eligible for return or refund due to the nature of the product.


PLEASE NOTE: pictures in this listing are of normal quality pins for clarity of the listing. If you wish to see examples of what is available, please email prior to purchasing. 


Pin Style
  • All imperfect pins are sold as is and are non-returnable.

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